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A Virtual Tour of Walt Disney Imagineering: Part 1

Walt Disney Imagineering is known for making the impossible possible. We’re excited to bring you, despite their offices being closed, a virtual tour of their headquarters. Tours of Walt Disney Imagineering are rare. So rare, in fact, we are excited to bring you this video series to show you some of the unique spaces where innovation and storytelling combine to bring Disney stories, characters, and worlds to life. 

A creative force, a historical treasure, a dream factory, and a hub of science and technology. Walt Disney Imagineering is a place of legend and the only think tank created by Walt Disney himself. Ann Myers is ready to welcome you—let’s go!  

Stay tuned for the next video in the virtual tour series and don’t forget to check out Imagineering in a Box, a one-of-a-kind online learning experience from Disney Imagineers!

Keep checking out Heyday Travel News for these special Disney Magic Moments blogs. In these difficult times, when we’re all looking forward, we want you to remember, “There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow, just a dream away.”

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