Owner and Travel Advisor

I’m Nick, the founder of Heyday Travel Company.  This whole idea came out of my, and my family’s, love for going to Disney World.  It was as a trip was ending and I was realizing that I was once again going to have to leave the “Disney bubble” and return to reality that I started to figure out how I didn’t have to.  Although neither my wife or I have any desire to move to FL or CA, I knew there had to be a way.  That’s when I started looking at a Disney focused travel agency.  I, and my family, were already known and used as references and help for our friends and family when planning.  Truly, we love planning the trips almost as much as taking them.  So it has been a very natural step.

We’ve taken so many different kinds of vacations that we can help you with almost any type of trip you desire.  Everything from a whirlwind, unexpected, day at all 4 parks with my son (I’d love to tell you the story sometime), to a long weekend anniversary celebration with my wife, and even a week-long multi-generational (4 generations) trip with extended family!  

If by chance you’re looking for something that I don’t have experience with, we now have an entire team working with Heyday to help you!  I know one of them will have some insight and be able to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you and talking about all of your vacations wishes soon!

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