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We’re very proud and excited to share with you the wonderful organizations that we work with and help support.  As a company, we’ve decided to forgo traditional marketing.  Rather we’ve decided to work with non-profit organizations, like the ones listed below, to help support their mission.  In exchange for their help in spreading the word about Heyday Travel Company, we donate a portion of our proceeds to them.  In our opinion, this creates a better situation for everyone involved.  We, of course, receive advertising, our clients experience our personalized service while planning a vacation, and these well-deserving organizations raise funds for their meaningful missions.  We truly believe that we’re all better together and can all experience something better with a little cooperation.  Thank you for allowing us to help you plan your vacation which allows us to help support these amazing organizations!  Please read more about each of them, each link will open their page in a new tab for you.  Their specific donation codes are listed below so you may ensure that proceeds from your travel goes to the deserving charity of your choice.

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